Customized Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric

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Customized Unidirectional Carbon Fiber FabricCustomized Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric

Customized Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric Description This 12k Ud Carbon Fiber Fabric is made of 12k carbon fiber yarn and matching carbon fiber glue, can form a high performance carbon fiber fabric sheet reinforcement system, available in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet your various project needs. It also has a tighter pattern on its plain weave surface, which is usually more subtle in appearance than twill weave, and can have a glossy clear coat when coated with epoxy resin. Because of its excellent structural strength, it is widely used in helicopters or automobiles, sports equipment, waterproof repair, etc. Features The large number of lightweight and durable fibers contained in the聽12k Ud Carbon Fiber Fabric allows it to be formed into an infinite number of shapes and sizes, and it has a wide range of applications. When epoxied, it can be as strong as the best steel, but very lightweight, so it can be an excellent substitute for metals such as aluminum and steel. In addition it reacts well to air and water and will not easily corrode, oxidize or decompose, making it ideal for replacing steel in extremely wet or even submerged conditions. Carbon cloth classification: plain carbon fabric,twill carbon fabric,hexagon carbon fabric,ud carbon fabric,multiaxial carbon fiber fabric and kevlar carbon hybrid fabric銆€銆€聽 Insufficient beam, slab, and column strength structural reinforcement Change the function of the building Reinforced corrosive material protection Structural system changes If you have any other questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you!Customized Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric website: