Lingshan-Just say a few words

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That is the bright moon fairy boy on Jingting Mountain, and no one in the world can meet these conditions better than her.

The boy grew up in Jinshan Temple and was tonsured as Xuanzang. Eighteen years later, Elder Faming took out a blood letter to tell him about his life experience. Xuanzang went to Jiangzhou with a letter in blood and met his mother secretly. After confirming his life experience, he went to his grandfather's home in Chang'an to report the news. Naturally, Liu Hong was executed. At that time, Chen E was brought back to life by the Dragon King. The family was reunited, but later Yin Wenjiao committed suicide. This passage is completely fabricated. After Mei Zhenyi traveled to the Tang Dynasty, Master Xuanzang was already famous all over the world. Xuanzang's life experience was innocent, and his father Chen Hui and grandfather Chen Kang were both celebrities. There is no such thing as Chen Guangrui. Moreover, the legend of throwing a silk ball to choose a son-in-law also comes from the compilation. Since ancient times, there has been no such thing in the Han Dynasty. The Zhuang people have the custom of throwing a silk ball, but it is also a game in festivals, and men and women use it to express their love. In short, such legends are just a kind of imagination of ancient literati. So why does Journey to the West describe such a life experience for Xuanzang? Generally speaking, fairy tales are compiled. They all have the shadow of various folk legends since ancient times. It is estimated that the author changed the legend of Chu Jiadi and wrote a story on Xuanzang's head. And that part of the story where the river flows and the monks experience. You can also see the shadow of the legendary Yue Wumu Commons. Mei Zhenyi can confirm that later generations wrote Journey to the West. The source of the material in the appendix is the life experience of Abbess Nebula. Because the father of Abbess Nebula is called Liu Hong. And his mother's surname is Yin. She is the granddaughter of Chen Guogong of the Tang Dynasty. He also thought of the legend of Lu Dongbin playing Guanyin and the white peony. Isn't that the story of your own experience? But after thousands of years of oral transmission among the people. It's a completely different version. Think of here. Mei Zhenyi gave a deep sigh. "Do you have any idea, young master?" Asked Zhang Guo nervously. Mei Zhenyi shook his head: "This kind of thing is not good for anyone.". For example, when people drink water, they know whether it is cold or warm. We can't really say anything. Abbess is a woman after all. Another unmentionable thing. I can't ask and I can't persuade. Since Abbess told you. I must be hoping you can help me make up my mind. Why don't you go and comfort her yourself? Zhang Guo also sighed, "I can't open my mouth.". She could not be persuaded to return to Cuiting Nunnery. But if we persuade her to return to the secular world. And it seems that I am selfish. Mei Zhenyi stared: "Don't you have selfishness?"? There are no outsiders here. You tell me the truth. By now. What do you think of Abbess Nebula? Zhang Guo held his breath for a long time before he steeled himself and said, "If Abbess were Miss Yin, I would like to be Liu Hong!" But how can I say that at this time? Mei Zhenyi asked, "Zhang Guo, let me tell you the truth again. Did you hug her when Abbess told you about the past?" Zhang Guo shrank his shoulders and lowered his head, as if to find a crack in front of his toes. He stammered: "Yes, I held her in my arms and patted her shoulder,brushed stainless steel sheet, just to comfort her, no other meaning." Young master, how do you know? Mei Zhenyi patted the table and said, "It's not difficult to speculate about such a scene. If you even hold a nun, you will be responsible to the end!" Zhang Guo said with a deep sigh, "I really want to be responsible, but I have to be willing. If I say one more word at this time, I will be suspected of taking advantage of others' danger. If Nebula is embarrassed, it's not good to stay in Qingyi Sanshan. Where do you want her to go?" The master and servant sighed face to face here. After a long time, Mei Zhenyi said, "Woman's mind, go and ask Zhiyan." When he found Zhiyan, he blinked his eyes and thought for a long time, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but there was no good suggestion. As the saying goes, it is difficult for an honest official to do housework, not to mention this kind of secret and sad things that are not easy to talk about? Zhiyan can handle the big and small affairs of Qingyi Sanshan very properly, but there is no good way to do this. Looking at Zhang Guo, he only said, "Abbess Nebula is really not a nun." Mei Zhenyi said to one side, "Yes, we all know. We've seen it for a long time.". But Abbess seems to have a knot in her heart at this time. Zhiyan said thoughtfully, "I really don't have any idea about this kind of thing. There is someone who has seen a lot. Maybe you can ask him." Zhiyan said, of course, is to mention the slip, this little devil used to love to ask around about Zhang's parents, Li Jia's short stories, all kinds of secret private gossip do not listen too much, for this kind of thing is absolutely experienced. For the first time. Take the initiative to invite him to tell her about other people's private past, and finally ask him what advice he has? It is rare that he did not talk too much, but thought about it seriously for a long time, and finally said, "I have experience in this kind of thing, and it is really hard for others to say anything.". You can find a person who has no scheming, no malice, nothing to do with this matter, and speaks directly to the key points, but ask her face to face. Even if you can't untie the knot, Abbess won't have any other ideas. It's a good idea to take a walk. How can it be so easy to find a person who has no scheming, no malice, has nothing to do with this matter, and speaks directly to the key points? Not to mention the three mountains of Qingyi, even if you search Wuzhou, you can hardly see it. But as soon as he opened his mouth, everyone thought of a person. That is the bright moon fairy boy on Jingting Mountain, and no one in the world can meet these conditions better than her. Mei Zhenyi nodded repeatedly and said, "Please come to Mingyue Fairy Boy. Just say a few words. Don't forget that Abbess is not an ordinary person. She is also a man of practice with a clear mind. She only needs others to point out her own thoughts." The moon will not take the initiative to meddle in these affairs. Nature is to slip to please, who called it and the moon usually have a good relationship, and only it can have the cheek to pester the moon to beg. Abbess Hsing Yun, I've heard about your life experience. All living beings cannot choose their origin in the cycle of reincarnation. Now that you have experienced the sea of suffering, you naturally understand. What are you going to do? This is the first sentence that Song Juzhong Mingyue said, which is really straightforward enough, and there is no one else beside him. Only Zhang Guo came with the moon. If someone else said that. Abbess Nebula may have other ideas, but from the mouth of the moon. There is no scheming words. Nebula stood up and saluted. "Since the fairy boy opened his mouth,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Nebula just wanted to ask for advice." The moon blinked her eyes and said without waiting for her to ask, "If you worship a Bodhisattva you don't want to see, that's not true practice." 。