The demon queen is happy to know.

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The little master said, "I want your majesty." What kind of identity are they? Where can I find a majesty for her!

Wang Ru shook his head, kneeling hand, "I speak frankly, little master this congenital disease is difficult to cure.". Your Majesty might as well ask her where she came from, find out the root cause and prescribe the right medicine. With the help of helpful instruments, it may be effective. Kneeling for a long time, the demon emperor seemed to be aphasic and did not say a word. Wang Ru stared at his blue robe. Today's demon emperor will have a slight sense of guilt for an irrelevant spirit beast. In his father's words, the demon emperor has not really grown up. Wang Ru was rewarded by the demon emperor and returned to the Palace Medical Pavilion. After that, the demon emperor did not have any superfluous words, but only ordered Mammy Shang in the palace to explain a few words to him. This is so that he can not see the mind of the superior. What Mammy Shang said was all Mandarin. Speak to him and ask him to pay attention to this matter when he goes back. If he finds a good way, he will report it immediately. Eat your salary, share your worries, and you don't have to say that Mammy Shang will do it. Even the symptoms of the little master are not the category that doctors can cure. Later, Mammy Shang went back to the Hall of Sound and Autumn to stay. When the children are full of sleep, they will get up and make trouble, like the little overlord of Xiangqiu Palace. Because of his previous extraordinary behavior to Le, he was scolded and fined for three months as expected. The law does not blame the public, but Er Dong seems to be innocent and has not been punished. Fortunately,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, I have a big heart, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. If she touched it with her own hands, she should be punished. The two "wet nurses" were all "old people" who had been born and raised, and Mammy Shang spent a lot of time looking for them. She heard every word of the words of Wang Ru, the palace doctor in the warm pavilion. Apart from the cold at the moment of the demon emperor's majesty, which frightened her, it was a pity that the baby's half-disabled body was happy to know. Mammy Shang relaxed and said,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, "You will serve your little master here in the future. Your Majesty will not treat you badly." With a smile on their faces, they quickly answered "good". In the five realms of the world, no one would have a hard time with money, and she only hoped that the two of them would be more familiar with music. One of them was surnamed Cui and the other was surnamed Jiang, so the people in Xiangqiu Palace called them Aunt Cui and Aunt Jiang. Xiangqiu Palace is very luxurious, even the soft blanket on the ground is softer than the brocade quilt of ordinary people. It is naturally a very happy thing to come here on business. For the first time, Aunt Cui held Le in her arms, and the little baby twisted her body, looking soft. Compared with the children at home, they are not very lively. The side hall that Mammy Shang had previously prepared for Yue Xie had been tidied up, and Aunt Cui coaxed Yue Xie all the way. The little master in his arms could not always live with His Majesty the Demon Emperor, and it was only a matter of time before he arranged another place to live. The side hall is arranged according to children's preferences, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, with bright colors in the room and childlike interest in the layout. Little master is still obedient, in addition to just back up when not adapted to a few times of coyness, the rest of the big noise is really not one. It was indeed the person whom Mammy Shang had painstakingly found. As soon as she put down her music on the couch, Aunt Cui and Aunt Jiang immediately discovered what was wrong. Under the thin blanket, the short tail of the little master seems to be able to move and swing, but in fact it has no strength. The little master climbed a few steps on the soft couch with great strength and looked very hard. It was not long before there was a thin sweat on her forehead. In this way, it looks like a living paralytic.. Aunt Cui and Aunt Jiang looked at each other and did not know how to deal with themselves for a moment. What's wrong with the little master? Aunt Cui couldn't make up her mind for a moment. She didn't know the recent situation of Le and was afraid of neglecting her body. She was afraid of taking the blame. Don't turn a good job that others can't find into a hot potato! The music on the couch suddenly made a sound and asked, "Where is Your Majesty?" She had not seen her majesty since she woke up, but she had clearly heard his majesty talking to her in her sleep. As Mammy Shang carried her all the way back, she whispered a lot of comforting words in her arms. She didn't understand very well and wanted to ask His Majesty. Aunt Cui was stunned. The little master can talk! I had just thought that her mind would be somewhat inadequate, and I was afraid that she could not speak. Back to the little master, I don't know where your majesty is. In the final analysis, the two of them only served as the master's nurse into the palace, where your majesty went, how can they know. Le turned over and changed his position. Little master? Is it a call to know? Jiang Yi smiled and said kindly, "Exactly, little master.". "Your Majesty loves you, and has sent us two to serve you." Her round eyes blinked a few times. Is the person that your majesty sends, come to serve oneself? "Knowledgeable does not need to be served. Knowledgeable wants His Majesty." Your Majesty loves her. Why don't you come and see her yourself? I was sleeping in his arms before, but when I woke up, it was not him. Did you think she slept too long. Then she will sleep less in the future. Will Your Majesty love her more and accompany her by himself. ...... Cui and Jiang were in trouble. The little master said, "I want your majesty." What kind of identity are they? Where can I find a majesty for her! May be happy to know a small face, too easy to make people feel pity. Aunt Cui looked at her for a long time, and although she had been coaxing her, she felt distressed. Mammy, who had invited them, had not told them who they were. They have also guessed several times, the identity of the little master, has not guessed a reliable result. The left and right sides should not go beyond the rules, just serve them well. Aunt Cui had no choice but to divert the attention of Yue, so she added, "The little master will live here in the future, and the old slave will do his best to serve him.". If the little master wants anything, just tell the old slave. Ben wanted her to put down her guard and trust them. But who would have thought that Yue would only say, "Your Majesty." She has no feet and can't walk. If she could go, she would go to your majesty early. How could she wait here. In fact, she also knew that she was crying, and tears could roll down when they were about to roll. It's so easy to be sad, and now she's very sad. But I don't want to cry. A child's age, a child's mind. I don't have many thoughts in my mind, just one. Her tears,304 Stainless Steel Coil, ah, only cry in front of His Majesty, will be distressed by him. She doesn't really want other people's heartache.