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sent to provoke. I made a mistake, so I killed them on the spot to apologize to you." Xie Taifei said coldly,

Fu Min felt Xie Taifei's suspicious eyes, some flustered, her husband had warned her before not to make up her mind from Bai Yiling, sent a spy can not let Xie Taifei know! Several servants exchanged a wink, and someone quietly retreated and hurried to find Xie Xi, who had shut himself up in the yard. Chapter 60 enlightenment. Unable to answer Bai Yiling, Fu Min simply made a disheartened look and said, "There is no way for you to be sent away when you are young. When you grow up, we have the intention to make up for it, but you have always been the one who keeps people away. In fact, no one has ever wanted to harm you. It's just that you are prejudiced, so everyone is suspicious.". If you really don't trust your parents, then let's move out and we'll be comfortable on both sides. She made such a compromise that she even said she wanted to move out. She simply swallowed her pride to the extreme. Xie Taifei held Fu Min and said angrily to Bai Yiling, "How could I give birth to you fools? What I hear others say is what they say. It's all about sowing discord!"! Who sent someone to follow you? Do you want to torture us when you come to the door with your hands in such a murderous manner? When you grow up, you don't even have a human touch left! Bai Yiling sneered and did not open his mouth for a moment. Yan Yang several people followed him today, they can see that Bai Yiling today's face is particularly pale, obviously not very comfortable,mirror stainless steel sheet, advised him to rest first, Bai Yiling did not listen at all. However, he stood in Hou Fu for so long, but the couple who claimed to be their parents turned a blind eye to this and just talked about their own affairs. Lu Hong said with a calm face, "Lord Xie, pay attention to your words." Xie Taifei said, Are you Ze Anwei? This is our own business,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but also hope that other people do not intervene, otherwise the north patrol department as white command QinBing, such a statement spread out, is not good for anyone. "Thank you so much for reminding me," said Lu Hong, "but you worry too much. Among the people present, only a few of us were from the North Inspection Department, and we didn't wear government clothes or weapons. We just came here as friends of Brother Six, just because we didn't like the people in your house. He brushed his sleeves and said in a loud voice, "Brother Six has no relatives, but he doesn't care, because we are all his relatives.". Without the grace of nurturing, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 stainless steel wire, how can we talk about filial piety? Xie Taifei did not expect the young man to stand up and say such a thing to himself. He was stunned for a moment. He looked at Bai Yiling with a new look, as if he had just met his son. He suddenly realized that after Bai Yiling left Hou Fu, he was not alone, even without his so-called "relatives", he was never lonely-Hou Fu meant nothing to him, which may not really be angry. Yan Yang took over Lu Hong's words and said, "The three people who have just been brought up are spies who are trying to spy with Commander Bai. It doesn't matter if you don't know each other. Then I think some of you can recognize these people." He said and motioned to the guards to bring up a few people, this time the people did not tie up nor gagged, see Xin Shi and Xie Taifei and others, immediately issued a cry for help. This is Xin Shi was so frightened that she could no longer stand in the distance and stay out of it. She stepped forward and asked, "What are you doing to arrest the people of Sima Fu?"? They did a good job, but didn't offend you, did they? Ze Anwei should not be too arrogant! Bai Yiling was really uncomfortable just now. Lu Hong and Yan Yang helped him to say a few words. He also recovered his strength. He raised his hand and pressed Lu Hong's shoulder to express his gratitude. He said to Xin: "Madam Fu, your family has always been cautious in employing people. If you train a spy, you often have to hold his wife and children in the palm of your hand, so that you can safely send him to complete all kinds of private tasks.." As soon as Fu Min and Xin Shi Jing Bai Yiling said this, they suddenly realized what he wanted to do. Their faces changed miserably, but Bai Yiling seemed not to have seen them. He went on: "I saw that these three spies looked very familiar. They looked like members of the Fu family, but I didn't dare to confirm them. So I took the liberty to invite their relatives over to confirm them.". ” He asked the servants who had been brought to Fu's house, "Do you know these three spies on the ground?" The crowd looked at Xin's face and hurriedly said they didn't know each other. Fu Min gave a sneer in his heart. Relatives? I don't know if those young boys are sincere or not, but at least the Fu family will always be on her side. No matter how alert and capable Bai Yiling is, he is not very old after all. He is anxious to shake his power and prestige when he has made a little success in officialdom. He is helpless. Can he shake up? Sure enough, Bai Yiling sighed, "Since you all say you don't know each other, then forget it." His eyes slipped over the faces of Xie Taifei and several others, with a chill like ice and snow: "It seems that they were really sent to provoke. I made a mistake, so I killed them on the spot to apologize to you." Xie Taifei said coldly, "You don't think you have enough blood on your hands. I don't care if you want to kill. But you have to fight out. Don't fight in my yard." At the moment, he was probably the most simple-minded person in the confrontation, just angry because of Bai Yiling's rudeness, but did not understand the deep meaning of his doing so. Xie Taifei's heart is guilty of this son, but also as a man, for each other's ability to appreciate. But the most important thing in his life is glory and decency, Bai Yiling so cut his dignity as a father, how can Xie Taifei not be angry? Did not expect his words to say this, Bai Yiling unexpectedly still refused to give an inch. Seeing that someone heard Xie Taifei's words and wanted to come up and carry away several spies on the ground, Bai Yiling increased his tone and repeated: "I said I would fight here!" The boy who wanted to lift the man was so frightened that he shivered and nodded hurriedly and put the man down. Xie Taifei's face changed, pointing at Bai Yiling and unable to speak, Bai Yiling looked at him proudly. Seeing the two fathers and sons at daggers drawn,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Fu Min did not know how happy she would be in peacetime, but at the moment, she looked at Xin Shi and saw uneasiness in each other's eyes. sxthsteel.com